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About us

We were founded in early 2009 and are based in San Antonio, Texas! Together our team offers a combined 20 years+ of successful entrepreneurship and customer service experience - we do not outsource our clients - we handle each and every order ourselves.

We have compiled a complete line of intimate apparel for ladies and gents from premium American manufacturers. In our online lingerie store you will find over 2500 hand-picked items ranging from high-end leather lingerie to designer limited editions - and since our only goal is to meet our clients' expectations we offer custom made corsets, skirts, costumes... our motto "you name it, we make it"!

If you are a manufacturer, designer or wholesaler and are interested in offering your products through us. Please contact us at the .

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Some well liked websites

WebMarmalade.com - Web design in San Antonio, TX
As a local family owned business we found having Andrea design our website was just awesome! Working with people who are honest and reliable is refreshing. We loved the design she came up with and the store is just as we wanted it! Thank you so much!

ProdShots.com - Commercial Photography in San Antonio, TX
This is another of our lucky finds! Commercial photography really sets you back when your business relies on it, well ProdShots is a small startup but they deliver like the big guys out there. We picked them because they worked with us, no fine print and no sky-high licensing fees and at the end their photos looked great!

A History of Women's Lingerie
A very well put description of what lingerie was and somehow still is all about... From the Old French linge, meaning “linen,” the term “lingerie” was originally introduced into the English language as a euphemism for scandalous underclothing. The history of lingerie is a history of gendered fashion, power, and sexuality.

Elegant Moments Lingerie
One of the most reputable lingerie designers in the country. They've always been so professional and helpful with all of our customer service needs - helping us help our clients and fulfill each one of their needs. Their products are flawless and we're proud to be one of the retailers they have selected to work with. Thank you so much!