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Custom made lingerie & corsets

Everyone is unique; we keep hearing it but when it comes to lingerie it's not that easy to make it come true. That's why we offer custom made lingerie that is designed, assembled and polished to your specifications.

Your measurements, style, color, fabric, whatnot... are used to create an item that fits you individually. You are empowered with the ability to order a custom made corset or skirt or dress or costume or hat or whatever you've always dreamed of delivered by experienced artisans at an affordable price.

This is the time of customers receiving a one-of-a-kind beautiful lingerie garment rather than an off the shelf item made from a dress form. Plus we only work with American based experts, no sweat shop labor involved!

Special Occasion: Wedding, Quinceñera, Audition...?

Are you attending a special event that will make a difference in your life? Well don't settle for anything less than custom made! We love a good challenge and can arrange for an entire set of custom designed items for you, your guests and even your reception. Nothing but premium fabrics and craftsmanship is our promise. We also have partners that can do flower arrangements, favors etc to match our design so send us a message now and we can get together and talk.