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Gifting Guide

For those of our clients men and women who are shopping for a special friend and a special occasion here are a couple straight talk suggestions. Most of the questions we get on this topic are related to size, style, shipping and gift wrapping.

When it comes to size there are two options:

- You feel comfortable taking a quick peek at his/her intimates drawer to have their actual sizes. In this case make sure you check at least a couple pieces: bra+panty / briefs+t-shirt. If possible double check with a few other pieces so as to make sure you didn't happen to pick the one and single bra or t-shirt that doesn't fit her/him anymore! We have over 2500 items in stock from Leather & Vinyl to Couple Sets and the finest Custom Made Lingerie and Corsets so you can't go wrong!

- You don't feel comfy about going through her/his underwear, then the best is to stick with One Size items for Men and Women or else with items that provide more fabric such as Chemise, Gown or even Baby Dolls. For men most pouches are One Size so no doubts there!

For those ladies that have a generous shape, we have a full range of dazzling lingerie - so make sure you check our Plus Sizes!

In any case remember there area other options available such as Jewelry or even Accessories!

Please don't guess as for obvious health issues, your safety and ours we can't accept returns unless there was a mistake on our side in which case we will correct our mistake and gift you the piece sent in error!

On style or what color, shape, length?...

There are two schools here, one will advise you to make sure you stick to items similar to what you see your special other usually wearing. Demure for conservative ones, daring for more liberal minded. To that others will tell you that a special gift is sometimes more welcome... a lady who may be used to wearing cotton might feel complimented by a satin gown... a man who wears nothing but regular briefs may have been pondering getting a pouch!

What you can try if in doubt is going combo, a Bra Set + a Necklace or else why not a Couple Set? There is nothing better to share in the moment!

Shipping and gift wrapping

We can include a gift kit in your order during checkout - just make sure you request it. We will ask you to select whether the gift is for a lady or a gent. We usually don't do gift wrapping since we've found the shipping of a wrapped item may actually arrive damaged and disappoint the recipient. This said please do contact us if you would still like to have your order shipped in its gift wrapping and we will. Please note, gift wrapping kits are carefully selected to match the quality of our lingerie items, however designs and colors may vary.

Our shipping and billing discretion policy is clear. Discreet: yes we can! We understand you might not want everybody to share in the surprise of getting your order in the mail., this is why all of our orders are mailed in a discreet envelope and nothing on the outside hints to the contents of your package not even our return address. If you'd like to make sure billing remains discreet too, no worries! We have the solution, just pay your order through Paypal and there will be no indication of the nature of your purchase on your bank statement.